My Loves

My loves are few; but those I do have are strong, true, and filled with passion.

I am in love with a man who is my best friend and ever-lasting, well, everything.  The fact that I am now at a point in my life to follow my dreams is in large part due to his faith and support in me.

I adore our children — mine, his — they are the same to me.  And I’m trying hard to realize that, at times, my depth of caring can be overwhelming as well as enabling … rather than empowering.  Growing never stops, even when we’re purportedly grownups.  Fortunately that love is returned, and we do grow — stronger every day, each on our own path … with help “as needed.”

I am in awe of my sister, who has been my BFF since she became my first birthday present, and with whom I rejoice in just “being” together.  She’s the “It” Girl, as far as I’m concerned.

And I am enthralled and enraptured with … and totally captured by … words.  I have had a love affair with them since I was three-years-old and comprehensively read.  In my mind, they are the greatest man-made invention because they have the power to put thoughts into actions.

They are like the falling leaves that cover the earth during Autumn (my favorite season), protecting her as she prepares for the long Winter’s rest.  

Inevitably I’ll look down and find that “one” beautiful leaf that harkens the beginning of the season, and I come alive.  During the ensuing days, I notice their turning colors on the trees, how they blow with the ever-changing winds, their mounds piled high in suburban scenic splendor for children and pets to disburse with abandoned glee …

… And I think of those fallen leaves like the words I so cherish and how I choose mine carefully — even when I, too, am lost in the glory of abandon.

10 thoughts on “My Loves

  1. You truley have a way with those falling leaves, I am captured by each one and feel safe in there depths. Thank you for being you x

  2. NOW you’re a blogger. Welcome, friend. Even as this helps us to better understand who you are, I’ll leave it to you to discover who I am, although you already know me, somewhat.

    • Wind Rider ~ It’s so great to be able to share this journey with friends such as you … with humor and grace along our paths. (Just hide the Jell-O shots at the appropriate forks in the road … Or is that bring them out? I forget! 😉 )

  3. I would have to disagree with Windrider…writing here did not a Blogger make…for your heart and soul have shone on many different venues and brought you to where you are today. No judgements…just your path. 😉

  4. What wonderful loves. I share many of them with you. My husband, my kids…words. Theirs, mine, those of others.

    You are so lucky to have a sister listed among them. I always wished I’d had one, especially now, watching my daughters together.

    • CK ~ I believe growing into all of the loves, at different stages of my life, has been everything (list all the emotions available to us — and multiply them, to infinity). I’ve grown into each relationship in different ways, too. I’m sure that makes complete sense to you (and many). Perhaps I’ll explore that a little bit here more deeply than before. Thanks so much for stopping-by. I can’t wait to continue coming to your blog! xoxo / S

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