Love In The Time of Collards

I met Leslie, my love, (link to his blog under my links), four-1/2 years ago on an adult website … And it was our words that brought us together, with no talk of sex, erotica, or tales of derriere-do to be had!  It was a blog post about our favorite books … There are those words again!  We’ve been best friends pretty much from that point forward — sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

From that rock solid friendship a deep and abiding as well as indescribably exciting and passionate love has grown … And not just for one another.  For Leslie loves to cook, and I love Leslie’s cooking!  (Okay, okay … I CAN cook, too.  I REALLY just like being his sous chef ’cause he knows how to make things look so pretty! 🙂 )

Some of you who are following this blog are familiar with a few of his recipes — and, no doubt, understand the attraction.   I hope those of you new to me (and Leslie) will be delighted to know that we occasionally will be writing together to review restaurants we have visited and plan on visiting, recipes we have tried and tweaked, as well as offer our own blend of humor into the mix.

As always, I welcome your feedback.  I would love to share recipes (and even your favorite cookbooks) … with or without the dash of levity!

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