World Poetry Day — 3/21/2010

Back in the day, the Muse was strong in me, and I was quite the prolific poet.  I hope She visits again one day in new and interesting ways.

Today is World Poetry Day, and I thought I would share a few of my previous poems.  From time-to-time, I’ll share my old poems and prose until I’m struck by “madness” (or “genius” — your choice) again!




gripping reality

is fleeting,

and seeing you standing there

in the rain

makes all the pain

seem so real … again.


fleeing the scene’s

my reality,

and seeing you standing there

in the rain

sharing the pain

knowing it’s real … again.


sharing the scene

lost reality,

and seeing you standing there

in the rain

absorbing the pain

is it real? again.


tripping on reality

i’m meeting,

and seeing you standing there

in the rain

past all the pain

looks good … again.




Words cannot describe the vivid rainbow

of my verdant mind

That holds to its heart the truth of

long-lost love regained

And captured in the passing moments

to live within the light again

It seeks no more the truth to find

And shouts to the skies

no more in vain

But whispers in the wind like

gentle rain

I see them all




When the rain falls on your silhouette

Neon dissonance, red lipstick

Warm & wet as the moon glows

The light plays the funniest tricks


Moving shadows in the shapes you want to see

Building bridges in the sliver of moonbeams

Lost in paradise you close your eyes

To drift off into wonderful dreams


Lost inside Carroll’s Wonderland

Alice, your bemused guide

Touring through your checkered past

Past all the guys that lied


They told you things you wanted to hear

Hushed sighs and torn nylons

Fumbled lines and lullabies

You wake alone at dawn


Just a note on the empty pillow

Slipped inside a folded picture of you

“Thanks” was all it said

Cry was all you could do


Your tears fall on metropolis

Painted fingers and the glass slipper too

You stare out the window at night

And wish upon a star or two


You turn your head to see the empty space

Drop your head and say goodbye

You now know the ultimate truth

That one kiss seals the lie

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