Trimming The Fat …

Dear Beautiful People ~

I cannot believe that it has been nearly two months since I last posted.  More still, I cannot believe the turns in my Life Path during that time (randomly listed) ~

I am under a “fatwa” at work, born out of unprofessional personal behaviors from certain colleagues.  After nearly three years of ignoring the commentary, I had to make a formal complaint because of comments that could not be overlooked.  The fall-out from that action has been to increase the passive-aggressive actions against me to nearly unbearable conditions, to include even more colleagues (some of whom actually were quite close to me for years) in three data centers and our sales office — a situation I predicted would occur and which I simply endure.  As I told my new boss today, “I just want to come in and work peaceably, help my colleagues and my clients, and continue to make this company money.  Not everyone is going to like me, but have enough respect for yourselves to know that I’m not angry with you for your actions; I’m just sad for you … and just leave me in peace.”  Thankfully I now have his permission if it gets to be too much to pack-up and leave, as well as “formally” telecommute from home two days per week.

Overlord Protector #1’s beloved of nearly 3.5 years unceremoniously broke-up with him four weeks ago.  This was devastating to all of us at first because we all loved her, and there was a third party involved — a purported new friend to both of them.  I want to acknowledge how proud I am of my son and how he has behaved throughout this entire matter.  Besides my being the first person that he contacted when it happened (for which I was extremely honored and made sure to be available to him at anytime he needed me, day or night), he has not “trashed” her to their mutual friends (or anyone) at all.  His father (the Best Ex), his brother (Overlord Protector #2), and a couple of his best friends truly helped keep him occupied in very manly fashions during our downtimes.  Without negating the pain and sadness (’cause you gotta go through the grief), we all chose to focus on the appreciation of love that she gave him for over three years … and that’s what we asked everyone else to concentrate on for him, too.  He chose to finally follow a lifelong dream to go to California, which his work fully supported.  He flies back tomorrow after ten days out there with his best friend since middle school — who lives in Hollywood, living the starving actor’s life.  HE HAS HAD A BLAST!  🙂  We cannot wait to hear about and see the photos of all of his adventures — and learn what he’s thinking of doing now.  Continuing thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

My stepmother died after a five-year valiant battle with cancer.  And it knocked me for a loop — and I was really surprised by it.  In the beginning, I tried to tell myself (and everyone else who asked) I was upset because my sister was upset for our other siblings (our “half siblings”).  Neither of us had had a relationship with our stepmother in many years.  I cannot speak for my sister, but for myself, when I finally broke down and “talked” with my stepmother this is what I said, “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for not being the bigger person.  I thought I was giving you what you wanted, which was your core family — and I just didn’t want to set myself up for any further negativity in my life.  I’m sorry we lost our friendship because we were friends at one point.  I’m glad you were a good mother to my brother and sisters, a good wife to my father, and a good grandmother to my baby sister’s son.  I’m so happy you’re at peace now.  I’ll reach out to the siblings when I think it’s right.”  The Overlord Protectors felt strongly about sending something, but did not want to attend the viewing or funeral.  (I didn’t feel we were invited.)  So our combined families (my sister, my brother-in-law, the boys, me, and yep, Best Ex, too) did send a beautiful dish garden and Peace Lilies as well as make a donation to the requested department of the cancer center that treated my stepmother.  In the end, I didn’t feel guilty; I just felt sad.  Does that make sense?

Results from various medical tests have made me radically change a lot of my eating habits; Weight Watchers and regular (trainer-pounding) exercise is soon to follow.  The biggest change is I am no longer eating meat.  (I’ll wait while you all recover yourselves.)  That’s right … I, the lover of all things flame-broiled … have become a vegetarian.  At first I thought I would do it until I leave for Portland on June 30th.  However, the results I already see have me committing to this as a lifestyle change.  Sure, I’ll have to forego the “meat candy” at Pok Pok — and my cow as it grazes across my plate.  However, I still get to keep eggs, seafood, and minimal dairy … So what’s not to love?  Keeping my mind and body at the healthiest they possibly can be for as long as they can be is my ultimate goal.  Whatever I can do to that end is worth it.  Is there Weight Watchers for Vegetarians?

My next trip to Portland (6/30 – 7/20) will be completely different for I’ll be there ON MY OWN!  My sister and brother-in-law will be visiting, and we’ll be bumming around Portland that first weekend as well as attending the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.  (The Festival raises a tremendous amount of funds and food for the Oregon Food Bank every year — and always draws phenomenal headline, local, and up-and-coming talent!  Last year, we were introduced to JP Soars & The Red Hots — incredible!)  We’ll also be celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday in a traditional English pub, visiting Multnomah Falls, Hood River, Oregon Wine country, and the Oregon Coast.  After they leave, I’ll be working for Habitat for Humanity the second week of my “vacation,” as well as meeting with some other folks in the afternoon when I finish-up onsite.  I got permission to work remotely for the third week I’m out there.  But since my office (and most of my clients) are East Coast-based, I hope to enjoy the afternoons exploring my soul city as well as finally making it to Mount Hood.  (Maybe I’ll need to save that for my next trip — again?  *laughing*)  This is scary and thrilling all at the same time.  If I can trick my phone into thinking I’m smarter than it I’ll learn how to download some of the videos I’ve taken lately — at least hopefully once I get out to Oregon so you can come along for the ride!  It’s funny.  I can’t believe there ever was a time I thought I was inflexible.  Now I know I’m very flexible as well as extremely adaptable to any set of circumstance that come my way — come what may!

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