War, Huh, Yeah …

Dear Beautiful People ~

I’m not writing the following to start an argument. If you have a different viewpoint please feel free to leave a respectful comment — or blog about it on your space. For those of you who have followed me for any period of time (at my other blog in a distant galaxy), you know I don’t often or lightly speak of or on “heavy” subjects, yet I feel the need to speak on the subject of war.

I detest war, and not in an “I’m a pacifist, and no one should ever go to war” sort of way. Since my early childhood, I have detested war — and for many other valid reasons that I might expound upon at another time.

War is evil. It is not just. It is not noble. I wholeheartedly believe that NO Higher Being (God, Allah, Yaweh, Whomever, and/or Whatever) believes either side fighting DESERVES to win. There is no “God is on ‘our’ side,” because God (all Higher Powers) loves EVERYBODY — ALWAYS — NO EXCEPTIONS. It’s my philosophy in life, too. It’s not always easy, and it doesn’t mean I always like you (or want to hang-out with you); but I’d give my life for you in a heartbeat.

Is war a “necessary” evil, as it often has been labeled?

In war, there are those things we do that kill pieces of our souls in order to get the job done. Then we come home, and we work on putting ourselves back together afterwards as best we can. Across the world this is done. Americans are not unique in this aspect. Thankfully in recent years our military seems to finally be paying attention to the fallout of war … and helping our service members deal with the aftershocks.

“Do not confuse your vested interests with ethics. Do not identify the enemies of your privilege with the enemies of humanity.” ~ Max Lerner

As much as I hate war, I love our troops and work with many organizations to support them and their families. Our troops signed-up to do a job; and I honor them with my thoughts, prayers, time, money, and efforts.

The major group that has my support is Luke’s Wings. I am a part of the Public Relations Committee of this organization.  We provide travel and accommodations for the families of troops while they are recovering and rehabbing from their war injuries. Oftentimes these wounded warriors are facing months, if not years, of healing and recovery — as well as emergency travel services for the troops, themselves, under catastrophic circumstances.  (Look us up under my links.)

If you have a group that you support let us know about it here. We are all connected … And in these times it’s good to know that we support one another. Helping to spread the word (for those whom might be potentially interested) is the least we can do!

I pray that this upcomng Memorial Day will find you with those you love the most doing what you most enjoy. Regardless of your viewpoint of the current war (or war in general), please take a few minutes to give thanks to our troops at home and abroad — especially for those who gave it their all.

In Memory:  Lukus Andrew Grant ~ 10/10/1991 — 5/23/2010

 ~*~Riposa In Pace~*~

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