I Am A Woman In Motion … Stay With Me

I Am A Woman In Motion

I am a woman in motion
Easing beyond the commotion
Of lives with needs and drama-filled
While my goal is to constantly still

Those who wish I could be
Someone other than me
And I search my heart to find
From what it is I hide

I run from a challenging love
And hide in silent thoughts above
While inside I cringe in fear
Of anyone coming so near

To a heart that is brand-new
That wants to identify with you
But always backs away while I wrest
With thoughts that I’m second best

And everyone will finally know
I’m a gilt-framed freak show
Who puts on a pretty smiled dress
In order for me to confess

That I cannot describe what drives
My need to constantly strive
To be the best I can be
For all I love and see

Except I’m a woman in motion
Who would think it such a strange notion
That your love is given so freely
With no expectations from me

So when I try to run
And tell you it’s all in fun
Call me on my lies
And help me to be wise

Help me slow my pace
Help me learn to face
What I need and want
Are not mindless taunts

But valid and worthwhile
And not filled with guile
Let me know you care
And want me to share

My mind, body, and soul
With the ultimate goal
Of finding a love that’s true
For both me and you

Regardless if that is together
Or if what we have is forever
Assure me that we’re still friends
And will be till the end.

~*~SCF/2006 ~*~ 

A Woman In Motion


Stay with me
On this journey
Even if I’m going

Stay by my side
Even when I hide
My true self
Behind carefully chosen

Words used to
Disguise feelings
I do not wish to have
Let alone share
Or so

Stay with me while
I discover
My meaning
Our reasoning
Every day



A Person-Tim Fisher

Can I Stay by Ray LaMontagne

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