Sitting In Silence

Sitting In Silence


Better to sit in silence

With tape over my mind

Than to speak it and have

You shove my words

Down my throat


Better to choke the air

With unspoken words

Than to clear it and have

You punch holes through

My heart and soul


Better to be you

Than to


Me …


Sitting In Silence


~*~SCF~*~ / 2010


In Response To Sorrow And Pain

strip from me my mortal garb and search for that which writhes inside
rip from me the ties that bind me to a life that isn’t worth living.
i go on giving all that I have to people who don’t need me
bleed me; cleanse me of my sins
and so it begins
the freedom long desired.

your wings, jet black, cut into me when you hold me
enfold me and scold me.
i’m no angel; I long to fly
not into the sky, but into the blackness that seeps from my soul
when I open my chest to the world.

do you want this?
can you heal this?
i think not, and so the challenge goes unanswered.

 ~*~SCF~*~ / 2006


Florence and The Machine — “Blinding”:

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