We’ve Got Pride — How ‘Bout You?

Dear Beautiful People ~

Besides having attended Capital Pride for more years than I can remember,  working Pride always is an honor for me.  I had some time before my shift began for Equality Prince William (http://www.equalityprincewilliam.org/), so off I went in search of friends as well as to visit with other Pride participants and advocates.  Imagine my absolute delight when I ran into Dave, owner and creator of awesome items — as well as Russell, one of the incredible models — at Pride Greetings … friends of mine on Facebook — and followers of my blog! 

They DO Exist! 🙂

Please check-out their high quality work — a portion of which is charitably returned to the LGBT community — at www.PrideGreetings.com.

In addition, I’d love to give a shout-out to HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and all of those veterans mobilizing for the continuing national campaign to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  To learn more about the work of VOICES OF HONOR please visit www.hrc.org/voicesofhonor.

The entire Capital Pride 2010 was a huge success, from start to finish.  Please be sure to reach-out and thank all of the organizers!

Yours in Service and Equality — Always

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