The Giving Pledge & Kickin’ It w/ Richard Branson

There’s a contest about which I posted on my fB profile today, 18 June 2010, where you can ask Sir Richard Branson ANY question — And if your question is picked, you can win two round trip tickets on Virgin America Airlines! This was my question: Would you consider taking “The Giving Pledge”, or setting-up something similar in the UK? Thank you. | June 18, 2010 2:16 PM | Reply Questions will be reviewed and decided upon starting next Friday, 25 June 2010.

While The Giving Pledge certainly is aimed at the wealthiest of those among us, it clearly states that The Pledge takes its direction from the example of giving that is shown by so many — often at great sacrifice.

I point this out to say … Never underestimate the power of your small donation — be it a one-time offering or a monthly commitment. Along with your valuable time, passion and drive, ALL funds are appreciated and used to their fullest extent towards your charity of choice.

Use your talents and time (and if possible your donations) to share YOUR passions with others. Chances are you’re not alone. Being connected is good … Staying actively involved is better.

By the way, what would your question be for Sir Richard? Think it’s good enough to be a winner? What have you got to lose? Go ask him: ! 🙂

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