Happy Early Father’s Day

In case you’re still looking for Father’s Day gift ideas … Here’s what The Overlord Protectors and I gave to The Best Ex — Please consider spreading the word:

Dear Best Ex/Dad:

OP #1, OP #2, and I really thought about what to get you this year — and we didn’t want it to be another gift card or a teeshirt — or just a simple card.

On Monday, Luke’s Wings (http://www.lukeswings.org) received the following emergency request from Karl, a proud Army dad — whom we actually helped back in December — to be with Tre’, his son who still has another year of rehab in front of him (and is undergoing three surgeries this week, alone) for injuries sustained while bravely doing his job.

You are retired Army and Army Reserve. You’re a good dad — and a great friend. In honor of your service and this Father’s Day, a $50.00 donation for this emergency request was made to help Karl be with Tre’ tomorrow through the 22nd.

Thanks for your service and all that you continue to do …

We love you,

SCF, OP #1, and OP #2

Received yesterday, 06/14/10:

Dear Luke’s Wings,

My name is Karl P. and I would like to surprise my son in the hospital for Father’s Day. Can you help me?

On November 24, 2009, my son Tre’ was shot three times in the back during a classified operation. While the details of the incident are classified, I will tell you, Tre’ was serving his country with honor and distinction. Tre’ lost part of his stomach, small intestine, and all of his spleen and pancreas. He currently survives with an open stomach to allow the reconstructive surgery. He is going through three more surgeries this week. They say he has another year to recover, but his nutrition is compromised and infections are his setbacks.

Tre’ spent the past Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter in the hospital. Tre’s fiancée is in the Air Force as well and has to work and take care of their 12 week old son. His son is named Landon. They have not yet met. Tre’ is really alone right now. And, as I mentioned, he has three more surgeries this week.

Thanks to Luke’s Wings, I saw Tre’ in the hospital last Christmas. I just thought it would be great to surprise my son with a visit to the hospital this weekend for Father’s Day. I also want to thank the Doctors again for saving my son’s life.

Can you fly me June 17 to June 22 so I can surprise him and be with him on Father’s Day? I need to be back on the 23rd. I have two other children at home so I can only stay for a few days. My wife (Tre’s mother), is gone now.

My son is extremely brave and although his My Space page refers to me, his father, as his hero, he is truly my hero. Please let me know what you can do to help.

Thank you
Proud Army Dad

To help us fly Karl to surprise Tre’ on Friday, please make an immediate donation at http://www.lukeswings.org or on facebook.

More information about Tre’ and an honorable mention about Luke’s Wings support:

***originally posted on fB on 06.17.2010*

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