I Had a Father

I Had a Father

I had a father

you’re a drunk without

a drop …

that is the sun in

you own universe

But you taught me …

about faith by playing


with puppets, while you

hid under the bed …

and how to play the bongo drums

while I sat

between your knees …

and how to read

which gave me the world –

 I called you Dad or Booty.


I had a father

you were quite the

respected one that

diddled with me

constantly, and Mom

chose you over me …

But you taught me …

about ships in glass bottles

by helping me make one …

and how to shuck oysters

while I ran wild in your

vast woods with my sister …

and gave me my place beside

the ocean, even when I

felt so small –

 I called you Mr. Mitchell;

My sister called you “Eve” once.


I had a father

you are quite the

town elder, the stoic

that beat me time

after time at her

command and allowed

her to spread vicious

gossip of my sexual

cravings toward you …

But you taught me the

value of hard work

by leading with example …

and how to hold a lever straight

by letting me help

bring our house back to life ..

and started me on my journey of


by asking for it.

 I called you Daddy or Father.

I love each of you.  I thank each of you.  I accept each of you.  I forgive each of you.  Goodbye.

~*~SCF~*~ // 06.19.2010

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