Sitting In Silence (revisited)

“In silence and movement you can show the reflection of people.” ~ Marcel Marceau 

While there is a tremendous amount going on in my life right now (and has been over the course of the past few months), I have found that upon inner reflection it’s simply best for me to sit in silence, continue to pray and catch the signs along the way, and keep my own counsel as much as possible. 

I have a lot more growing to do.  And, for once, I’m being kind and gentle with myself as I “move along,” rather than trying to hurtle towards “completion” — as if!  😉 

Anyway, for those of you potentially looking for a resource to help you on your journey, I would like to highly recommend Maiyah Olivas at  Maiyah is phenomenal!  (You can access her website under my links, as well as follow her on Facebook and Twitter.)  Her very affordable energy work has helped me in extremely tangible ways — both personally and professionally.  And you will be hard-pressed to find someone as ethical and empathetic as she is, regardless of their profession. 

Yours In Service, 






Another Place ~ The Funky Lowlives

My Mecca 🙂

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