The Grand Candy

Dear Beautiful People ~

There is so much going on in my life right now, and I wish I had the adequate words to convey all of the emotions for everything.  It’s a mixed bag of the flotsam and jetsam that our lives can be at any given moment.  And I am pulling out the fortune cookie message day-by-day and rolling right along with it.  🙂

Along the way, I have discovered The Grand Candy.  I cannot speak highly enough about their music.  Dan Cohn is a genius songwriter — evocative, under-your-skin-raw, “itchy,” searingly perceptive, comical … that beautifully original mixed bag again.  Every song makes you keep coming back for more of The Grand Candy’s delicious, gooey layers.  Maybe one day I’ll learn why he’s called “Pluto.”  😉

On another note …

Let me tell you the brief story of Earl, “The Hurricane”, Hashbrowns …


He was gone before he came …

Earl Had To Die!

I’ll tell you the “rest of the story” another day …

Until then, be well … be good … be blessed!

~*~Peace, Love, & Rock-n-Roll~*~


The Grand Candy ~ September Songs

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