Lyrical Lady, Candy So Sweet, and Strummin’ for Everyone!

Dear Beautiful People ~

I saw this awesome lady perform last night with The Grand Candy  at Bangkok Blues … Margot MacDonald  definitely deserves all accolades heaped upon her and continued success! Her “Creep” is eerily beautiful with just that hint of twitchy eye-avoidance. Listen to Margot today and discover why she’s the rising star of the entire Metropolitan area! — (Includiing a live version of “Hallelujah”)

Let’s also give a shout-out to Dan Cohn at DC Guitar … her muscianship (as well as guitar) instructor, and co-Executive Director of The Grand Candy. His guitar classes put on two jammin’ sets last night before the band even hit the stage. Last night was a rockin’ homage to Hank Williams as well as a musical feast — with something for everyone … and everybody joining in!

My only complaint? I couldn’t stay to the bitter end, as early morning duty called. Next time they’ll have to kick me out … Kinda like ol’ Hank from some of those honky tonks in which he famously (or infamously) played! Thanks so much to Tom Teasley and Linda Teasley for joining me in this adventure. (I know that Dan was truly grateful for your presence!)  I hope more of you will check-out each of these artists soon! Until then, remember …

Bangkok Blues

“Music is the art of thinking with sounds.” ~ Jules Combarieu


“Hallelujah” (Live) ~ Margot MacDonald

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