The Bed

I recently was asked, “If you had to choose to be an inanimate object what would it be?”  The Bed is my answer, and this is why …

When I was a child, my bed was my area of protection, of escape, of comfort.  My bed provided a safe haven for my sister when she would crawl into it with me, taking my arm and using it as her “blanket” to fall asleep on any given night she felt the need (or we weren’t sharing a bed).  Crawling between the crisp, yet still amazingly soft, sheets — laying my little body down, shielding around myself into a tight cocoon — I’d allow the mattress to take the weight of my body and then the world away from me to the Land of Nod.  Sometimes I wanted to dream; sometimes I did not.  Sometimes it didn’t matter what I wanted, and I’d wake-up in a twisted panic.  But the bed was there to envelop me with its clean, fresh smells … lulling me into rest once again.

As I grew I learned all the other beauties the bed possessed — falling into it feels like great big hug:  arms to hold you after the myriad of disappointments Life can and will send — solace; making love in it with someone all hours of the day and night — passion/intimacy; making life in it … and seeing that life come into this world — miracles; watching someone pass over after a long journey on this earth or even a long illness — affirmation/hope.

I realized I would want to be these things to those whom I hold dear — protective, ever-present, comforting, passionate, compassionate, and always hopeful — in their lives and in helping them achieve their dreams.

What inanimate object would you be … and why?

Yours in Service,


*originally posted on Facebook

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