It’s Electric!

Well … Where are the flying pigs and locusts, Lovelies?

I “survived” the 2011 VA / East Coast Earthquake. You know what’s fun about that? The stories are lasting longer than the actual event. Granted, for those of you who’ve never experienced an earthquake before, it was a bit of a jolt. And even I(who survived SoCal ‘quakes back in the day) thought it was a bit of an “intense thrill” — especially since I had to talk down a client who was freaking-out at the time.

NOW we have Irene, who I do not believe will be as hard-nosed as Isabelle was eight years ago … But still — enough to make us all wet our britches a bit. (She’s stronger than last year’s Earl — who went before he came …  *hmmm*  … THATsounds familiar! 🙂 )

So with all of this I’m bringing you a bit of levity — not a levy (let’s hope it’s not THAT bad) …

Dominion Power’s help line is DOM HELP. I wonder how many subs have called it??? 🙂

Stay cool, Everyone, and dry My East Coast Lovelies …

Drenchingly Yours,

Shawn :*

Electric Slide

Electric Avenue

Electric Company

1 thought on “It’s Electric!

  1. I see that someone checked-out the Dominion Power Help Line to see if this was true … Yep! The number is 1-866-DOM-HELP. (I truly don’t have the imagination to make up these sorts of things … I’m very much a “literalist.” 😉 )

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