I Smell A Smelly Smell

Dear Apartment Mates ~

Could you please not cook something at O Dark Hundred that has such a repugnant smell that it wakes me up from my sleep urping — AND that still is permeating MY space TWO HOURS later?

Thank you,

Your Neighbor

Smellingly Yours, Lovelies


4 thoughts on “I Smell A Smelly Smell

  1. I read today about a woman in Karachi who killed her husband and then cooked him. It was the bad smell that led police to the house. Have you conducted an impromptu head count downstairs?

  2. Not to be crass — or offend anyone — but I should be so lucky. Besides which, I’m not sure if the smell was permeating from above, below, or beside me. I’ll be glad when we get our new windows. I believe they will help with a multitude of issues! 🙂

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