Thank you, Leonardo …

It’s Not Flying, But I’ll Take It!

Eight days ago I had a hysterectomy.  I thought I wouldn’t “talk” about it on a large scale, but the surgical procedure used was so phenomenal, and my recovery has been a-mazing, that I wanted to share it with those of you who might need one in your future.  Also, this cutting edge surgical method is used in other areas from bladder cancer to coronary artery disease to head and neck injuries to kidney disorders and cancers to obesity to prostate cancer.  Well … you get the point.

Let me introduce you to the daVinci robot(R) and the daVinci surgery:

My doctor was one of the first trained on the daVinci robot(R) and is very comfortable using it.  He also is only one of the 5% of doctors in the United States trained on it.  That’s my biggest suggestion when researching a doctor — find one who’s comfortable using it and who’ll take their time with your procedure  should any unexpected difficulties arise.  (My doctor had to deal with a tremendous amount of scar tissue, which meant he had to adjust his incision areas, as well as very precise, time-consuming separation of the uterus from the bladder in order to maintain my bladder’s continued excellent health.  I am so thankful for and to him for that extra care.)

Everything that is said about the post-op is absolutely true — I was up the day of surgery (just to stretch).  The next day I was up for eight hours, napped for an hour until my doctor arrived to discharge me, came home, and slept comfortably.  The next day I took two walks outside, and have continued to improve more-and-more each day — even driving short stints now.  Currently on medical PTO, I go back on Friday, 12/23, working from home, then into the office on 1/3/2012.  Happy New Year to me! 🙂

When my framily sees me they are amazed at how well I look,  how well I’m moving up and down stairs, and (honestly) amazed at my flexibility.  MOTION IS LOTION!  Every day I have awakened and done my daily routine and gone for a walk, and kept on moving — and I have rested when my body told me it’s needed to rest.  There has been nearly NO PAIN — primarily discomfort.  To give you an example, I received a prescription for 30 Vicodin.  I have 24 left.

I’m looking forward to getting back into activities I haven’t been able to do for quite some time — one of which is to train for the Sierra Club’s C&O Canal One-Day One-Day Hike on April 30, 2012:!

Goodbye, Pearl

Nearly five years ago when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, the daVinci surgery was not available.  I know many people questioned why I didn’t have a hysterectomy at that time.  The simple truth was my body couldn’t handle it on mulitple levels.  So imagine my delight after dealing with months of “enjoying being a girl” progressively worse matters I found out that (a) I did not have cancer again, and (b) I did have hope!  The time had come for me to say goodbye to my lady parts.  They had done their “part” for society — namely, Overlord Protector #1 and Overlord Protector #2.  I didn’t hesitate this time.

And then a funny thing happened during Pre-Op and on the way to surgery … I completely broke down.

Even though I knew I couldn’t physically have more children, I suppose the “finality” of the moment needed to be honored.

Funny; isn’t it?  I never wanted children (or to be married) as I was growing-up.  I wanted to live in quiet, peaceful solitude in a stone cottage, writing out in the woods, at the foot of the mountains.  But Life has a way of giving you everything you thought you never wanted or needed — and it being both of those things in abundance.  My sons changed my life; and I would not be the person — the woman — I am without their constant support and inspiration.

In the days that have followed I’ve wondered, “Have I lost my compassion, my empathy, my warmth?”  “Are these thoughts just a side effect of the anesthesia and everything ‘adjusting’?”  “Am I normal in having these thoughts?”

I know I need to research all of this.  Because I’ll be terribly upset if those things that have made me truly nurturing all of my life are the result of an organ that’s no more a part of my natural make-up.  Could this be why some women insist on having the organs ground up and eating them afterwards?  (Yeah … Don’t think I didn’t think about asking for my organs.  Because, well, what if???)

Then, again, I believe I just need to let my mind be as my body has been and “go with the flow” (no pun intended) — and rest when it needs to rest.

Healthy & Healing,

~*~SCF~*~ 🙂

Windows of the World – Belinda Carlisle

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Leonardo …

  1. I am so, so glad your surgery went so well, Shawn! Wow! Chelsea has HPV and pre-cancerous cells at times. This was a good post for me to read. I will pass on the info. to her. Love you, sis!

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